Knuth on MMIX

... I'm hoping that at least one reader of this book will discover how much fun MMIX programming can be and will be motivated to create a nice graphical interface, so that other people will more easily be able to join in the fun. ...

... So here is MMIX, a computer that will totally replace MIX in the "ultimate" editions of The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1–3, and in the first editions of the remaining volumes. I must confess that I can hardly wait to own a computer like this. ...

... From time to time I will necessarily have to refer to things that NNIX does for its users, but I am unable to build NNIX myself. Life is too short.(JK 注:這是 Knuth 會講的話嗎?XD)It would be wonderful if some expert in operating system design became inspired to write a book that explains exactly how to construct a nice, clean NNIX kernel for an MMIX chip. ...

所以目標有三:幫模擬器造 GUI、實際造一部 MMIX、設計 NNIX。如果早一點看到的話,說不定 TOY86 就變成 MMIX 剖析了 XD。我覺得我也很想有一部真的 MMIX 耶 XD。

好吧,我也有點瘋掉了 XD。


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