cyy 打氣信

CSIE 的命運 XD。

Let me clarify the procedure for your final project:

0. work (very) hard on your project
1. sign up a demo slot through the webpage
2. send all your source codes (if any) and report to your TAs, preferably before your demo time
3. print out your report (not source code) and bring it to TAs at your demo time

I understand that most of you are longing for the winter vacation. You are almost there. We have all come through your position, working on projects a couple of weeks after the final week. It is the destiny of csie students (professors). Well, it probably won't get better if you choose to be programmers and engineers in the future. Anyway, have fun in Infocup 2007 and your final project.


不過今天要先處理一下離散數學 XD。

看到 procedure 直覺想到那個 procedure XD。


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