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<bringert> I think the main problem with haskell is that memory use can be hard to predict
<bringert> don't get me wrong, I find it the best language for most things
<bringert> sure, Java uses lots of memory, but I find it easier to predict memory use in java
<bringert> i.e. always lots of it :)

<Gahhh> monads are usually a personal experience.

<shapr> Yeah, it does require more than an oleg of type-hackery.
<poetix> oleg's now a unit?
<autrijus> is oleg an unit now?
<shapr> Yup, a rather large unit of type-hackery too.

<Speck> "That's like cheating. It isn't even programming. You just tell it what to do and it does it." --- My friend upon seeing some Haskell code

<JohnMeacham> not haskell related but interesting if you know wolfram or his work:
Heh... it makes me wonder what sort of things we will be publishing in our quackery years, "Monads don't emulate the world, the world is a poor emulation of a monad." "The second law of thermodynamics as expressed via functional dependencies"
<JohnMeacham> of course any minute now oleg is going to come along and actually express the second law of thermodynamics via functional dependencies as a purely incidental part of improving HList syntax or something.

<desrt> it was sort of funny. i was sitting in the optimisation lab once and wolfram came in and started talking to wolfgang in german
<desrt> so i'm like "it's awful rude you know, speaking a language that i don't understand right in front of me"
<desrt> so they switch to english, but they were talking about category theory, so i still didn't understand them :(

"Personal experience" XD.


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