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在 LtU 上看到一則對〈expressivity of "idiomatic C++"〉的回應,裡面把 C++ 程式員分為三類,第一類把 C++ 當 C 寫,第二類把 C++ 當 Java 寫,第三類則是

[...] the he-man C++ programmer. Generally, these people don't really know another language- several of them may have learned Pascal or Scheme back in college, but they're "grown-ups" using "grown-up languages" now (just ask them), but an increasing number of them learned C++ as their first language and never moved on. These programmers have memorized everything Bjarne Stroustrup ever wrote, and are out to prove it. The red flag that you're dealing with a he-man C++ programmer is that you find yourself having to look up what a private const static virtual constructor means, because that's critical to understanding why the code even works. He-man C++ programmers love template metaprogramming, which is possibly the most damning thing I can say about them. He-man C++ programmers never, ever eat quiche.

我發現描述還滿精準的,我以前差不多就像這樣 ─ 只會 C++ 不會別的(現在好像也沒有好到哪裡去 XD)、記得 Stroustrup 講的每句話(其實其他像 Scott Meyers、Herb Sutter 講的話我那時候也都記得…XD)等等。不過我現在已經沒辦法隨口引述誰在哪一年出版的哪本書裡面講什麼話了,也不知道 private const static virtual constructor 是啥 XD。

應該沒有這種東西吧 XD。


Anonymous Anonymous12/31/2007 7:20 am 說:

"Real programmers don't eat quiche."

Blogger yen312/31/2007 8:12 am 說:

有這種東西嗎 XD


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