GSS student report, Trinity Term 2011

After successfully resolving my medical problem in Taiwan, I returned to Oxford around mid-April with an early draft of a paper which has been completed at the beginning of May and submitted to the Workshop on Generic Programming recently. Also, the abstract of the paper was submitted to the informal Dependently Typed Programming workshop to report the work to a more specialised audience and get feedback from them. I have also finished the essay which was intended to be submitted to Jeremy at the end of April but was delayed due to the medical problem. Admittedly, I lost some time and there was "damage," but now it seems that the loss was not as substantial as I had estimated, and there is a good chance that I can transfer to DPhil status as normally scheduled. Next I intend to carry on with the research work based on the result of the paper. Specifically, I will experiment with the programming technique proposed in the paper by implementing more interesting data structures, and study fibred categories so the technique can be given a hopefully cleaner and semantic account.

Uneventful. XD


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