《Computer Programming as an Art》

這是 Professor D.E. Knuth 在 1974 獲頒 ACM Turing Award 的演講全文。大一下學期我到台大圖書館借《The CRC Card Book》時,在《Literate Programming》裡面看到此文,深受感動。現在正試著翻譯全文,最晚應該明天能譯完(but no promise :P)。不過一樣未得授權不能散播,所以有意者一樣請私下索取,也一樣會有人被強迫做 peer review XD。目前有兩段三段難以翻譯,標示在下面,若有意見歡迎提供:

  • p. 668(PDF p.2)左上:His name: Art Evans. (The Art of Computer Programming, in person.)
  • p. 668(PDF p.2)右上引言:Art . . . brings together from parts of the field of science most remote from one another, the truths relating to the production of the different and heterogeneous conditions necessary to each effect which the exigencies of practical life require.
  • p. 670(PDF p.4)右下引言:There is no taste which deserves the epithet good, unless it be the taste for such employments which, to the pleasure actually produced by them, conjoin some contingent or future utility;

目前剛進入 PDF p.3。今日停在 PDF p.5 最起頭處。

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