GSS student report, Hilary Term 2011

Since Christmas I have had a peptic ulcer which, though cannot be described as severe, has been serious enough to cause substantial interference with my work. This term I had expected to finish a long essay for my reading course and produce at least some small results on datatype ornaments in dependently-typed programming, but the plans were not successfully carried out, frequently disrupted by abdominal pain over the past two months. I have decided to go back to Taiwan for about a month to try to get rid of this medical problem completely and intend to catch up with the expected progress as soon as I am back in a good enough condition.

A somewhat discouraging report...


Anonymous Yi3/01/2011 3:54 pm 說:

Take care~

Besides, "Happy Birthday!"

Though it's a little late...^^"

Anonymous 阿南3/06/2011 7:21 am 說:


Anonymous You-Know-Who4/01/2011 5:27 pm 說:



Blogger Josh Ko4/01/2011 6:06 pm 說:

噢,我四月十號晚上會到牛津。到時候⋯ email 連絡如何?(Hsiang-Shang.Ko@comlab)


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